Economists and entrepreneurs in favour of the euro – an open letter to the Prime Minister – We urge the government to restart the preparations to join the Eurozone, as it has become a most pressing issue – economists and entrepreneurs write in an open letter to PM Mateusz Morawiecki. President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski is among the signatories.

– A debate on the future of the EU is currently underway and all evidence suggests that there will be no multi-speed Europe, but rather an extended Eurozone – states the letter published on Tuesday in “Rzeczpospolita”.

According to the signatories, our country should participate in this process if it wants to have a tangible influence on the future of the continent and drop an anchor in Western Europe for good.

The experts also point out that – contrary to concerns voiced a few years ago – the Eurozone did not fall apart, but emerged from the crisis strengthened. They add that the quick growth of its GDP has a positive influence on the economic climate in Poland.

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