Let us raise our glasses to the common sense of hypocrites

There are issues about which everyone thinks one thing and says another. I have no time for that. I was always clear and consistent in my assessment of the plan to ban TV ads for beer before 11 pm: it is extraordinarily stupid, more stupid than the norm in our country. Those who want to implement it are hypocrites and fools. Their plan will not be successful – President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski writes in “Rzeczpospolita”.

– What does an ad ban have to do with alcohol abuse? Beer itself, and only beer. Obviously, excessive alcohol consumption is not good for you, but this can be addressed simply by promoting a responsible drinking culture. No one denies that cars are a useful invention, but the consequences of driving mistakes can be horrific. Still, no one is seriously arguing that TV ads for cars before 11 pm should be banned. What is an appropriate response in this case is to promote responsible and careful driving. Responsibility is precisely what is needed when drinking beer – he points out.

– It appears that the initiators of the ad ban have no idea how to tackle alcoholism. Or maybe the y do not really care. After all, it is easier to pass a bill than to pick up the arduous task of promoting responsible drinking. A bill is an instant cause for fanfare, long-term policies take more effort. Therefore, for fools and hypocrites there can only be one solution: a ban! Who cares if it does not work? Who will check this anyway? – concludes Malinowski.

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