Open Eyes Economy Summit

Open your eyes and attend the Open Eyes Economy Summit

Next week, Cracow will be the place to be – I’ll be there myself, at the Open Eyes Economy Summit on November 14-15th. Why? Because it is high time we opened our eyes and found a new economic perspective: the gears of the economy are creaking and no temporary improvement in the charts can change it – President Andrzej Malinowski writes in “Rzeczpospolita”.

– Young people who will succeed us as employers, entrepreneurs and employees do not have much love for the current socioeconomic system! They want something new. Hence, the event co-organized by Employers of Poland will focus not only on how to look, but also on how to clearly see new solutions. The next step is to draw conclusions and swiftly act. The unfocused and lazy ones are doomed to failure. In business, it always pays to keep up to date – he assesses.

The article is available here.