Where to look for cost optimization in healthcare?

Where to look for cost optimization in healthcare?

The Polish healthcare system is facing a number of challenges. Patients’ demands continue to increase and demographic forecasts are unfavourable. Improperly implemented austerity may cause negative consequences for the system. More money is necessary, but not sufficient – the efficiency of spending is key.

Solutions which may help rationalize spending while and at the same time improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare form the basis of the “Healthy savings” report prepared by Employers of Poland.

According to experts, a more rational allocation of funds could restrict the increase in public spending by as much as 0.5 percent of the GDP per year. Therefore, apart from increasing healthcare financing to 6 percent of the GDP, efforts have to be made to improve the efficiency of spending and the organization of the system. Changes have to be introduced in many areas simultaneously and be based in solutions which will help implement the necessary changes in a short timeframe.

– First of all, the Polish healthcare system needs an injection of efficiency. Even today, the system has a sizeable capacity for a more effective treatment process. One could achieve substantial savings which could a.o. enable the financing of new, innovative therapies.  When it is demonstrated that every invested złoty is well-spent, it will be easier to find more money for healthcare in the budget – says President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski.

The full report is available here.