Optimus Awards

Optimus awards are presented to those who contribute to the growth of Employers of Poland, the integration of its members and the popularization of the organizations’ activity and who have made an outstanding contribution to the organization by providing other members with opportunities.
Employers of Poland have been active for over 25 years, Before 2015, the Confederate award was presented to people and institutions who have contributed to the organization. However, as the oldest employers’ organization, we have decided to create  special award. Therefore, it was given the shape of a diamond, the most precious and desired of gemstones. The name is intended to emphasize that the laureates are the best of the best.


Andżelika Cieślowska, Chairwoman, Doraco sp.z.o.o. – for years of work for the good of entrepreneurs, for propagating Corporate Social Responsibility and for her energy and willingness to share her experiences.

Jerzy Górzyński – for establishing, over 25 years ago, what is now Employers of Pomerania and Kuyavia, for laying the foundations of social dialog in Poland.

Nikodem Iskra, Chairman of the Board, Murapol SA – for introducing unique business solutions and effectively representing the construction industry. The award was accepted by Deputy Chairwoman of Murapol and Vicepresident of Employers of Poland Iwona Sroka.

Janusz Michalak, Chairman of the Board, Termedia sp.z.o.o. – for his passion, evidenced by a dynamically growing publishing house working in the field of medicine.

Dr n. med. Piotr Warczyński – for his professional approach to changes in healthcare and for respecting the principles of dialog.

Tomasz Zaboklicki – for facilitating the growth of entrepreneurship and for a substantial contribution to the development of Employers of Poland, made as its Vicepresident.


Jerzy Bartnik, chairman of the Polish Craft Association
For his openness to dialog, cooperation and agreement with social partners. 

Szymon Chrostowski, chairman of the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients, Fundacja “Wygrajmy Zdrowie” Foundation
For determination in combating cancer and propagating modern treatment methods – thanks to which employers do not have to lose employees.

prof. Andrzej Mariusz Fal, chairman of the board of the Polish Health Association
For outstanding contributions to public health. 

Marek Wójcik, plenipotentiary of the board of the Association of Polish Cities
For skillfully using social dialog as a tool for effective cooperation between local governments and entrepreneurs. 

Andrzej Sokołowski, chairman of the National Association of Private Hospitals
For consistently improving the standing and role of private employers in the healthcare system and for outstanding contributions to the image of Employers of Poland. The award was presented during the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the Association, held on December 1st in Gdańsk. 


    Jan Buczek 
For 25 years of engagement for Polish and European road transport, consolidating Polish road hauliers and the fight for hauliers’ rights on the EU stage.

    prof. dr hab. Mirosław J. Wysocki 

For the unwavering openness of the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene to cooperation with employers’ organizations and for actively promoting efforts benefitting employees’ health.

    Healthy Health Corporation
For 10 years of engagement for the equal treatment of private and public healthcare providers in the healthcare system, as well as transparent criteria for public financing.

    prof. dr hab. Wiesław Banyś 
For promoting close ties between science and business, practical use of scientific discoveries and for engagement in preparing graduates for the reality of the labour market.


    Longin Komołowski
    Michał Kuszyk
    Marian Osuch
    Jan Klapkowski
    Dariusz Marek Sarti

For extraordinary involvement in the growth  and popularization of Employers of Poland and for building the strong position of entrepreneurs in social and economic life.