Vectors: About the award

Awards presented by Employers of Poland – formerly known as the Confederation of Polish Employers (KPP) – since 2002. Awarded to exceptional personalities from the world of economy, politics, culture and media. Statuettes are presented at the annual Employers’ Ball.

Vectors are awarded to trailblazers and those who set examples to follow in numerous areas of the economy, to those who create innovative solutions of particular value to Polish economy and society. Vectors are also presented in recognition of extraordinary contributions to the Polish economy and for creating a friendly climate for entrepreneurship.

Super Vectors are awarded for extraordinary achievements, the consequences of which reach far into the future. Laureates of Super Vectors distinguish themselves with hard work, creative thinking, outstanding contributions to the common good, ability to rise above conflicts and openness to the views of others.


Laureates of Vectors 2019 are:

Daniel Obajtek, CEO PKN Orlen S.A.

For steering the largest Polish fuel company towards new growth perspectives and for supporting Polish business and sport.

Centrum Medyczne MAVIT Sp. z o.o.

For professionalism, innovation, highest standards of treatment and continuous care for the health and wellbeing of each patient. The award was accepted by Maciej Mądrala, CEO of the company – a pioneer in state-of-the-art ophthalmologic surgery in Poland.

Krzysztof Inglot, CEO of Personnel Service S.A.

For promoting transparent employment practices, particularly with regards to Ukrainians, and for his involvement in the works on developing a migration policy which corresponds with the needs of the Polish labour market.

Antoni Kubicki, owner of Hotel Arłamów

For audacity in creating business enterprises and a successful transition from industrial engineering to the luxury sector of the hotel industry.

Medicover Sp. z o.o.

For successfully implementing preventive measures in employee healthcare and supporting employers in introducing effective healthcare models, thereby contributing to the long-term reduction of the costs of employee absence. The award was accepted by Artur Białkowski, member of the board and Managing Director for Business Services.

Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A.

For the impact it exerted on digital media in Poland and the development of the e-commerce market, as well as for providing readers with valuable, diverse content. For consistently building its leading position on the Polish internet and successfully competing with global giants. The award was accepted by Elżbieta Bujniewicz-Belka, member of the board for finances.

30th anniversary Vectors were presented to:

Zbigniew Grycan, owner of Grycan – lody od pokoleń

For the awe-inspiring transformation of his family-owned business into a large international company.

Sobiesław Zasada, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Sobiesław Zasada S.A.

For simply being himself! For his sporting and business achievements which will forever be a part of Poland’s history.

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Medical partner



Vectors and Super Vectors, prestigious awards presented by Employers of Poland, have been awarded. This year’s edition focused on those who show how to modernize companies, creatively implement innovation and successfully compete with international giants.

Each year, Vectors honor people and institutions who achieved the most dazzling business successes or significantly changed the Polish economy. Awards for 2018 were presented to those, who distinguished themselves in the field of innovation. Poland does not make full use of the great potential of our entrepreneurs. Hence, Employers of Poland decided to highlight the work of those who show the way towards modernizing the country.

Laureates of Vectors 2018:

Wanda Buk, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Digitization

For a rare ability to talk to all social partners. For the attitude of an official who does not create barriers and solves the most pressing issues of digital infrastructure in cooperation with entrepreneurs.

Jakub Goryszewski, Chairman of the Board, UtmostTech Sp. z o.o. Research and Development Center

For proposing completely new uses for already existing technologies. For innovations in AT, photonics or low-emission energy generation.

Krzysztof Kamiński, Chairman of the Board, Alnea Sp. z o.o.

For enriching our everyday lives with technologies that not long ago could only be seen in science fiction movies. For harnessing virtual reality to design, run and supervise advanced, automated production lines.

Cezary Kozanecki, Chairman of the Board, Synektik S.A.

For innovations in creating special radiopharmaceutics used to detect specific illnesses. For proving that an innovative Polish company can go further than large, international companies.

Andrzej Kozłowski, Chairman of the Board, Emitel S.A.

For pioneering solutions in smart cities and the internet of things. For innovations which enable local government to provide us all with a higher quality of life for us all, including through the effective combatting of environmental pollution.

Paweł Malinowski, creator and owner of Grupa Profbud Sp. z o.o., Sp.k.

For seeing the construction industry as something more than simply erecting four walls and a roof. His flats are always tailored to suit specific clients. He always ensures that the inhabitants create an active and supportive community.

Krzysztof Pawiński, Chairman of the Board, Grupa Maspex

For creating the Maspex Group, a leader in its sector in Eastern and Central Europe. For showing how to use innovative production and logistics technologies in the food industry.

Adam Rozwadowski, creator of the Enel-Med S.A Medical Center

For the development of modern telemedicine, a breakthrough in contacts between doctors and patients. For demonstrating how to transform a family company into a stock exchange one, as well as how to hand over the work of one’s life to the next generation.

Jan Zając, Chairman of the Board, Ziko Apteka Sp. z o.o.

For innovations in the sales of pharmaceutics which have become a blueprint for all who want to be successful on the market. For a pioneering approach which has allowed him to create one of the biggest and strongest pharmacy chains in Poland in conditions of strong competition.

Super Vector 2018

Zbigniew Jagiełło – Chairman of the Board, PKO Bank Polski

For transforming the largest Polish bank from a giant bogged down by bureaucracy into an effective and flexible company, which aims to meet ambitious goals and compete with the biggest international rivals. For creating an exceptional team and managing it successfully, as manifested by the long list of awards given to PKO over the last few months.

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Vectors 2017 were presented to:

1.    Provident
For maintaining the position of a leader on the personal finances market for many years as well as continuous introduction of innovative solutions.

2.    Wojciech Faszczewski – Chairman of the Board, PEPEES
For an impressive international expansion, as well as for the attention and energy devoted to the local community.

3.    Igor Klaja – Chairman of the Board, OTCF
For turning his own passion for sport into a modern and professional company, for the bravery and determination in the pursuit of his goal.

4.    Krzysztof Domarecki – founder of Selena FM
For an audacious investment in research and development resulting, which allowed his company to join the top global producer and distributor of chemicals for the construction industry.

5.    Norbert Rethmann

For longstanding personal engagement in fostering good relations between Poland and Germany, consistent investments on the Polish market and for large-scale charity efforts.

6.    Rafał Holanowski – Chairman of the Board, Supra Brokers

For an innovative approach to managing health insurance – particularly for solutions with regards to clinical risk.

7.    Paweł Gos – Chairman of the Board, Exact Systems
For building an exceptional company, in which quality is a philosophy, a goal, and a service – as well as for a great international success.

8.    Association of International Road Hauliers in Poland (ZMPD)

For an extraordinary success in international transport and for an unwavering fight against the protectionist measures wielded by their defeated international competitors.

XXV anniversary Vectors:

1.    Telewizja Polsat
For 25 years of growth – both in a business and in a media sense – as well as for persistent efforts to continually improve, resulting in today’s position on the Polish media market.

2.    LUX MED Sp. z o.o.

For 25 years of work based on the assumption that the good of the patient is a priority – as well as for proving that investment in the quality of healthcare pays off for all involved.

3.    „Pracodawcy Pomorza i Kujaw” Związek Pracodawców

For professional and effective work for the benefit of local employers and for their sizeable support for the efforts of Employers of Poland all over the country.


Mateusz Morawiecki – Prime Minister

For outlining the Strategy for Responsible Growth and acquiring the political support it requires, as well as for giving entrepreneurs a due place in the document – without which the further growth of Poland’s economy would not be possible.

We would like to thank the partners of the event

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Medical partner


    STRABAG Sp. z o.o.

For 30 years of involvement in the development of Polish infrastructure with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

    Mariusz Książek – CEO, MARVIPOL

For persistently developing a Polish capital group, a leader in real estate development and the automotive sector.

    EuroAfrica Shipping Lines

For the long-term, systemic growth of a world-renowned company – the biggest private Polish ship-owner.

    3M Poland Sp. z o.o.

For achievements in the field of new technologies and for exemplary cooperation with local authorities – always consistent and characterized by honesty and integrity.

    Prof. Dieter Kempf – Chairman of The Federation of German Industries (BDI)

For acknowledging the potential of Polish economy and facilitating cooperation between Polish and German business.

    Deutsche Messe AG

For promoting Polish economy by granting Poland the status of a partnering country at the 2017 Industrial Fair in Hannover.

    Zbigniew Benbenek – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, ZPR Media SA

For persistence and perseverance in creating a Polish media group.


    Prof. Mirosław Ząbek –Director of the Neurosurgical Clinic at the Bródno Hospital in Warsaw

For extraordinary achievements in neurosurgery, as well as for hic care for patients and passion exhibited in pursuit of his calling.

    Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński – President of the Leon Koźmiński Academy

For creating one of the most important academic centers in Poland and exemplary cooperation between business and academia.

     Kazimierz Pazgan – owner of Konspol Group

For promoting Polish products abroad and turning a local poultry company into a global tycoon.

     Tomasz Zaboklicki – Chairman of the Board, PESA Bydgoszcz S.A.

For successfully competing with leading rolling stock producers on the basis of Polish engineering.

    Andrzej Przybyło – creator and owner of AB S.A.

For creating the biggest distribution company in Central and Eastern Europe and for its financial success.

    Loukas Notopoulos – CEO, VIVUS Finance Sp. z o.o.

For solutions which changed the face of the Polish loan market and for skillfully balancing them with the needs of the clients.

    Nikos Kalaitzidakis – CEO Coca Cola HBC Polska Sp. z o.o.

For recognizing corporate social responsibility as an indispensable element of corporate strategy.

     Hans-Dieter Kemler – Deputy Chairman for Financial Markets, mBank

For his contribution to the creation of pioneering solutions on the inter-bank market in Poland.

     Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.

For the electroenergetic connection between Poland and Lithuania, contributing to energy security and the competitiveness of the market.

    Piotr Pawłowski – creator and chairman,  Stowarzyszenie Integracja

For persistently working for the benefit of the disabled and their position on the job market.


    Józef Dziubasik –  co-owner, Kotelnica Ośrodek Bania

For defying the age-old stereotype of the individualistic highlander by indicating a new direction for cooperation between local entrepreneurs for the benefit of the region

    Waldemar Biliński – owner, Zakłady Włókiennicze Biliński

For creating one of the most modern textile companies in Europe.

    Konrad Pokutycki – CEO, BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego Sp. z o.o

For his personal contribution to the development of the AGD sector in Poland and to its leading position in Europe.

    Edvinas Katilius – CEO, Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o.o.

For consistently strengthening the position of Polish tobacco industry on the international arena.

    Adam Góral – CEO, Asseco Poland

For building a global company with a Polish soul and for the passion and integrity of his educational and charitable efforts.

  TVP Info programme „Debata Trójstronna”

For consistent efforts to reinstate tripartite dialog


    President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski

For consistent efforts to facilitate social, political and economic dialog, as well as his faith in the creativity and honesty of Polish entrepreneurs.


    Tomasz Czechowicz, CEO, MCI Management S.A.

For achieving a leading position on the venture capital market, for brave and effective investment choices and the subsequent increase in value.

    Waldemar Dąbrowski, Director, Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa

For his vision of the development of the theatre and its high prestige, for creating harmonious relations between art and business.

    Dariusz Krawczyk, CEO, Ciech S.A.

For the effective restructuring of Grupa Ciech, resulting in much improved financial results and economic standing of the group’s companies.

    Krzysztof Opawski (posthumously - the award was collected by his widow, Joanna Opawska)

For outstanding contributions to privatization and the growth of Polish economy.

    Ewa Paga, CEO, Fundacja 2065 im. Lesława A. Pagi

For passionate and consistent educational efforts, for supporting talented students and graduates, as well as for creating a group of experts who share their knowledge with young people.

    dr hab. Leszek Pawłowicz, Director, Gdańska Akademia Bankowa

For building a modern banking system and capital market in Poland, for establishing the European Financial Congress.

    Zbigniew Rekusz, Senior Partner, Fundusz Mid Europa Partners

For establishing a new formula of public-private partnership and for conducting a successful restructuring of Polskie Koleje Liniowe.

    Anna Rulkiewicz, CEO, LUX MED Sp. z o.o.

For a creative and effective continuation of the vision of her company’s growth, as well as for achieving the status of the largest private provider of healthcare in Poland.

    Marek Tymiński, CEO, CI Games S.A.

For proving that Polish computer games can be synonymous with spectacular global success.

    Józef Wancer, CEO, BGŻ S.A.

For outstanding achievements in banking during the economic transformation and his unquestionable contribution to the development of the Polish banking system.

    prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Warzocha, Director, Centrum Onkologii – Instytut im. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie

For effectively restructuring public medical institutes and for giving cancer patients the hope for quick treatment.

    Mirosław Włodarczyk, CEO, Vedia S.A.

For his vision and hard work, which resulted in the establishment of the only Polish factory of electronic equipment in China, for proving that a Polish David can successfully compete with global Goliaths.


    Janusz Lewandowski, EU Commisioner for Budget and Financial Planning

For persistently and consistently building Polish free market economy – despite numerous setbacks, for trying to shape the EU in accordance with the aspirations and expectations of Polish entrepreneurs.


    „Układ zamknięty” („Closed circuit”), a movie by Ryszard Bugajski

For his courage in presenting the truth about the daily struggles of entrepreneurs with a merciless bureaucratic machinery and for the incredible perseverance exhibited in trying to get the project finished.

    Państwo w państwie, a TV programme

For highlighting the abuses of power committed by public administration and exposing corruption and nepotism in relations between entrepreneurs and the state.

    Eugeniusz Szymonik, CEO of MOBILIS S.A.

For outlining and carrying out a development strategy for public transport in Poland, as well as for successful expansion to foreign markets.

    Piotr Chajderowski, Chairman of the Board, OT LOGISTIC S.A.

For creatively executing the plans for the company’s dynamic growth and for achieving a leading position in transport and logistics.

    Zbigniew Komorowski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Bakoma Sp. z o.o.

For a responsible growth strategy and for adapting the companies interests to the needs of its surroundings.

    Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych

For opening the Digital Services Platform and for demonstrating that public administration can provide modern tools for citizens.

    Jan Mroczka, Chairman of the Board,  Rank Progress S.A.

For successful investment in small-town malls and for his involvement in the waste management sector. Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 according to Employers of Poland and the readers of “Puls Biznesu”.

    Herbert Wirth, Chairman of the Board, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

For conducting the biggest takeover in Polish history which turned KGHM into a global tycoon, for a rare meeting of academic knowledge and business practice.

    Wojciech Inglot, Chairman of the Board, Inglot Sp. z o.o.

For an international expansion and showing the world that in Poland innovative technologies go together with beauty.

    Brent Wilton, Secretary General of the International Organization of Employers

For making the IOE into one of the key decision making structures for global business, as well as for facilitating the integration of entrepreneurs and promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility.


    Prof. Marek Belka

For many years of work for the development of Polish economy and unprecedented efforts to ensure an appropriate standing on the international stage for our country.


    Autostrada Wielkopolska SA

For bringing Poland tangibly closer to its Western neighbors and for showing the world that Polish entrepreneurs can be successful even in tough times.

    Gdańsk Transport Company SA

For fulfilling the seemingly impossible dream of millions of Poles – building Polish highways, for showing officials and politicians that the state as a whole benefits from the public-private partnership.

    Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych

For 20 years of infallible oversight and management of the deposit and accounting in securities trade, as well as for a thorough and appropriate growth strategy.

    Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Minister of Regional Development

For her exceptionally graceful professionalism as a public official, for her passion and efficiency in facilitating the economic well-being of both particular regions and the country as a whole.

    Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Presspublica

For his passion and consistency in building an independent media market based on modern technologies, for transporting readers to the internet, and– last but not least – for business efficiency and civic responsibility.

    Zbigniew Jagiełło, Chairman of the Board PKO BP

For achieving a spectacular success in times of crisis and harsh competition, as well as for strengthening his bank’s position as a leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

     Robert Kusiak, CEO, ID Marketing SA

For international expansion and a spectacular entry on the postal service market in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Dariusz Lubera, Chairman of the Board, TAURON Polska Energia SA

For skillfully adapting his company’s strategy to the needs of millions of Polish families and for a responsible growth strategy.

    Kpt. Tadeusz Wrona

For proving that a Polish hero does not have to be a martyr and that self-control, knowledge and adherence to procedures can guarantee success even in the most extreme situations.

    CD Projekt RED

For the ability to commercialize dreams and the world of fantasy – unparalleled in our country – and for shaping the imaginations of people all over the world.

Employers of Poland have also awarded a special Vector for their 20th anniversary:

    Bogusław Kott, Chairman of the Board, Bank Millennium SA

For his personal, creative contribution to the transformation of Polish economy and to the creation of a modern banking system in Poland, as well as his care for clients and shareholders.


    LESZEK CZARNECKI, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Getin Noble Bank S.A.

For unwavering persistence in building the biggest Polish private capital group (award presented jointly with “Puls Biznesu”).

    GRAŻYNA KULCZYK, owner, Stary Browar

For an extraordinary fusion of love for art and business talents, as well as for her contribution to the growth of the Polish art world.

    JAN KRZYSZTOF BIELECKI, Chairman of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister

For his unquestionable contribution to shaping a free market economy, building Poland’s position on the global stage, as well as for his rational and realist approach to economy.

    ALEKSANDER FINDZIŃSKI, former director, PGNiG

For a significant contribution to the growth and modernization of Polish oils and gas mining.

    ANDRZEJ HASS, Chairman, ESL Hass Holding Cypr

For building a renowned and stable company, for his active participation in the development of Polish shipping and cruise industry.

     EMILIAN KAMIŃSKI, creator and director, Teatr Kamienica

For demonstrating that good art can also be a good business and for his involvement in charity.

     JAN LUBIŃSKI, Chairman of the Board, Read-Gene S.A.

For his unique achievements in oncological genetics and for implementing solutions for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

    POLITYKA (weekly)

For its distinguished role in Poland’s intellectual, political, social and cultural life.

    WOJCIECH BALCZUN, Chairman, PKP Cargo S.A.

For successfully conducting a model restructuring, an ambitious investment program and business expansion abroad.


    Jan Wejchert (posthumously) – creator of Grupa ITI

For a creative contribution to Polish free market economy; the passion, scope and versatility of his business endeavors, as well as for his authentic commitment to business ethics and good practices.

    Aleksander Grad – Minister of Treasury

For the successful stock market debuts of several important treasury-owned companies and for his consistent efforts for the benefit of Polish economy.

    SES Astra and Telekomunikacja Polska SA

For their efforts to increase the accessibility of broadband internet in Poland and building the foundations of an information society.

    Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO HESTIA SA

For a strategy of dynamic growth based on competitive advantages, leading to a transformation from a local company to the vice-leader of the insurance market in Poland. For supporting Polish artists and promoting literature and arts.

    Andrzej Dąbrowski – Chariman of the Board, Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o.o.

For introducing new brands, promoting innovative business solutions, job-creating investments and for skillfully fusing business success with engagement in the local community.

     Marek Małecki – Chairman of the Board, Solbet Sp. z o.o.

For building the biggest Polish producer of abrasive materials from the ground up, for consistently introducing world-class innovative technologies and commitment to high quality.

     Zygmunt Solorz-Żak – Chairman of the Board, Polsat SA

For his unorthodox approach to the telecommunications market, developing digital TV and providing millions of Poles with high-quality entertainment.

     Polska Grupa Energetyczna

For the biggest and most successful stock market debut in 2009 and for proving that Polish electroenergetic industry is attractive for investors.


    Czesław Warsewicz – Chairman of the Board, PKP Intercity

For successfully initiating ownership transformation at PKP Intercity and the ambition to enter the stock exchange.

    Paweł Szynkaruk – Director General, Polska Żegluga Morska

For returning Polish marine ship industry to its former glory and for successfully carrying an extraordinarily ambitious investment program.

    Krzysztof Pawiński – Chairman, Maspex Wadowice

For conquering Polish and European markets with vitamins thanks to a model business strategy, for blazing trails and successes in export.

     Jerzy Mazgaj – Chairman of the Board, ALMA MARKET SA

For proving that luxury does not have to be a privilege of the few and can lie within arms’ reach with the success of high-end food markets.

    Grzegorz Romanowski – former chairman of the board at GAZOMET sp. z o.o., representative of RMG Group in Poland

For restructuring and stimulating innovation in Polish gas industry, for implementing state-of-the-art technologies and for tirelessly defending the principles of corporate order.

    Zdzisław Ryszard Kołutkiewicz – Chairman of the Board, PKS Bydgoszcz

For the highest standards and European quality of the services provided, as well as for consistently attempting to resolve problems by means of autonomous dialog.

    The local community and self-government of Pomerania – represented by:

Paweł Adamowicz – President of Gdańsk

Jan Kozłowski – Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship

Andrzej Stanuch – Mayor of Pelplin

Wojciech Szczurek – President of Gdynia

For long-term, persistent effort to link Pomerania with the rest of the country with the „Amber Highway” and, in turn, for demonstrating the efficiency of public-private partnership.


For versatile, inquisitive economic journalism and for the popularization of the principles of free market economy.


    Mieczysław Wilczek – private entrepreneur, former minister of industry

For laying the foundations of Polish free market economy and establishing the model of liberal economic policy, for awakening the entrepreneurship and economic activity of millions of Poles. For his persistence in propagating the principles of freedom of economic activity and common sense.


    Ludwik Sobolewski – Chairman of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

For creating New Connect – a new stock market for SMEs and for strengthening the position of the WSE as a leader among financial markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

     Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

For a formula fusing business with efforts for the common good – a cooperation with local self-governments aimed at broadening the accessibility of the Internet.

    Dimitris Dimitradis – President of the European Economic and Social Committee

For his creative input to the European employers’ movement and turning the EESC into a respected partner for EU institutions.

    Antonio Garrigues – Chairman, Garrigues Law Office

For the highest standards of versatile legal services contributing to the significant increase in the number of Spanish investors in Poland.

    Henryk Leszczyński – Chairman of the Board, PKS Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

For privatizing public transport with the highest care for the standards of service and passenger safety.

    Roman Młodkowski – editor in chief, TVN CNBC Biznes

For his journalistic integrity, knowledge and tireless promotion of free market principles and common sense.


    Donald Tusk – Prime Minister and Waldemar Pawlak – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy

For creating a vision of a state based on economic growth, economic freedom, social energy, trust and dialog.

    Al Gore – Nobel Peace Prize laureate, former president of the United States

For awakening the world’s environmental conscience.


    Krystyna Janda – movie and theatre actor

For effectively building her theatre from the ground up.

    Rafał Franciszek Dutkiewicz – President of Wrocław and Wojciech Szczurek – President of Gdynia

For redefining the meaning of city president as a host.

    Wiesław Rozłucki – co-founder of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

For creating one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe.

     Jacek Socha – Minister of Treasury

For making the Polish capital market  one of the most secure in Europe.

    Igor Adam Chalupec – Chairman of the Board, PKN Orlen S.A.

For skillfully expanding the company and strategically strengthening its value on the global market.

    Alain Souillard – Chairman of the Board, Carrefour Polska

For responsibly building new market standards and for persistently building the image of a reliable employer.

    Waldemar Dunajewski – Chairman of the Board, Elektrociepłownia Wybrzeże S.A.

For creating innovative solutions in managing municipal heating systems.

    Grupa Żywiec S.A.

For building a brand of the highest quality, promoting Poland on the global market and for supporting valuable corporate social responsibility projects.

    DZIENNIK Polska Europa Świat

For its expansion on the press market and audacious introduction of new forms of communication.


    Lech Wałęsa – legendary leader of „Solidarność”

For creating conditions for the development of Polish entrepreneurship.


    Grzegorz Dzik and Józef Biegaj – Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board, IMPEL S.A.

For creating an efficient and successful outsourcing company.

     Jerzy Karwowski – Chairman of the Board, Centrum Kształcenia i Rehabilitacji in Konstancin

For introducing modern organizational and financial standards in medical rehabilitation and for giving hope to the disabled.

     Zygmunt Kwiatkowski – Chairman of the Board, Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA

For a successful restructuring, stock exchange debut and strengthening the position of the global market.

    Krystian Poloczek – Chairman of the Board, Iberia Motor Company

For developing a Polish business in Eastern Europe, exporting management skills and promoting Polish business in the EU.

    Jarosław Pietras – Committee of European Integration

For his achievements as an apolitical and competent public official, for successfully defending Polish national interests in the EU.

    Witold Gadomski – journalist, „Gazeta Wyborcza”

For consistently defending free market principles, regardless of shifts in political climate.

    Maksymilian Klank – Chairman of the Board, Kompania Węglowa SA

For successful reforms and effective management in coal mining.

    Telewizja Polska S.A.

For skillfully balancing public service duties with commercial activity.

    Zbigniew Lesiecki – former director, Porty Lotnicze

For the regional airport growth strategy.


    Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy and II Program Telewizji Polskiej

For a great idea and a huge media event, moving the hearts of millions of Poles and raising huge sums for good causes.

    Ryszard Krauze – Chairman of the Board, Prokom Software SA

For socially beneficial efforts to connect business with arts, science and education.


    Jean Marc Vignolles and Sławomir Skrodzki – PTK Centertel

For a model of managerial cooperation, resulting in the best mobile offer for companies.

    Leszek Płonka – Chairman of the Board, Skoda Auto Poland SA

For conquering the Polish automotive market.

    Roman Baczyński – Chairman of the Board and Director General, Bumar Sp. z o.o.

For successful restructuring and lifting Polish defense industry from a crisis.

    Adam Wilczęga and Piotr Borowicz – BIOTON SA

For joining the global elite of insulin producers.

    Stanisław Stachowicz – Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” SA

For proving that bituminous coal mining has a place in a free market economy.

    Marian Kłysz – Chairman, Federacja Związków Pracodawców Energetyki Polskiej

For innovative solutions in management in the field of electroenergetics.

    Andrzej Siezieniewski – Chairman of the Board, Polskie Radio SA

For audacious and innovative public service.


    prof. Leszek Balcerowicz

On the XVth anniversary of his plan – which changed the Polish economy so fundamentally.


    Ciech SA

For its return as leader of the chemical industry and for quickly adapting to competition on the EU market.

    Grupa LOTOS SA

For successfully concluding an extraordinarily complex restructuring.

    Maciej Grelowski – Chairman of the Board, Orbis SA

For bringing Poland closer to Europe and the world by building a network of economy-class hotels.

    Czesław Lang – Chairman of the Board, LANG TEAM Sp. z o.o.

For making Tour de Pologne a globally-renowned  sporting event.

    Wojciech Pawłowski – Chairman of the Board, LUX-MED. Sp. z o.o

For running a Polish medical company with an international standard of services.

    Jan Krup – Chairman, Południowy Koncern Energetyczny SA

For creating the strongest group in Polish energy industry,

    “Rzeczpospolita” daily

For high-quality business and legal journalism and for professionally presenting the views of social partners.


    Aleksander Kwaśniewski – President of the Republic of Poland

For inspiring efforts in support of social dialog and for supporting entrepreneurship.


    Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA

For efficiently addressing the challenges facing Polish industry.

    Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN SA

For a dynamic entry on the European market.

    PKO Bank Polski SA

For a financing program dedicated to SMEs.

    Jan Pacewicz

For his care for Polish cultural heritage – the Ossoliński Palace in Sterdyń.

    Tadeusz Dorda and Edward Philips

For a spectacular success in promoting Polish brands – Belvedere and Chopin – on the American market.

“Puls Biznesu” daily

For success on the press market and the promotion of the free market.

    TVP3 Regionalna

For promoting the principles of social dialog and entrepreneurship.


For providing business with information which can serve as the basis for sound economic decisions.


    Leszek Miller – Prime Minister

For his persistence, determination and success in negotiations with the EU.