Polish business in pursuit of climate neutrality

Challenges facing entrepreneurs with regards to the pursuit of climate neutrality and the need to take ecology into account in business activities were discussed at a conference organized by Employers of Poland and the Chancellery of the President of Poland in Belvedere.

The conference gathered many representatives of Polish and international companies from a broad range of sectors, as well as experts. Their debate touched on a number of issues, including the concern with the increase in global warming and pollution, and feasible measures which business can undertake to counter these phenomena. The overwhelming majority of discussants expressed the view that achieving climate neutrality is becoming an obligation for global economies.

Employers of Poland elaborated and presented the concept of the “Ecological Responsibility Chapter of the Entrepreneurs and Employers of Poland”, which will be the voice of Polish business among others at the climate roundtable of European business that will be held on November 6th at the European Social and Economic Committee in Brussels, within the framework of Marrakech Business Action for Climate (MBA4Climate). Participants of the conference voiced their support for working on the Charter and signing it, as well as for collaborating on its contents.

– The Ecological Responsibility Chapter of the Entrepreneurs and Employers of Poland has to become our roadmap for the coming years – said President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski at the opening of the conference. – Commitment to the pursuit of climate neutrality is its foundation. According to him, global pro-ecological efforts are progressing to slowly and are mired in pointless debates. This is why a few months ago, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres dramatically urged the international community: “Don’t bring a speech, bring a plan”. – The helplessness of large organizations is a cause for concern. However, employers do not wait idly. Entrepreneurship is action. Therefore, we decided to act. We start with ourselves. Here, in Poland – emphasized Andrzej Malinowski.

Leszek Juchniewicz PhD, Chief Economist of Employers of Poland, stressed that today everyone – including the entire business community – has to quickly gain reliable knowledge on the environment, climate, and pro-ecological efforts. – We cannot avoid responsibility citing lack of knowledge or skills as an excuse. Knowledge regarding these issues simply has to be acquired, used and propagated – he concluded.