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The main goal of our organization is to facilitate an employer-friendly state – a state which would at the same time respect employees’ rights. The economy has to develop in a sustainable manner, and economic concerns can never fully dominate over social ones. Hence, Employers of Poland work to create harmony between employers and employees – since September 9th 2015 also through involvement in the Social Dialog Council, an institution for the establishment of which Employers of Poland had campaigned ever since the unions left the Tripartite Committee. As a representative organization, Employers of Poland now have more opportunities to influence the creation of high-quality law – which is not to say that we had no such impact before.

Representatives of Employers of Poland are everywhere where discussions and decisions important for business and employers take place: at Sejm sessions and meetings of Senate committees, in numerous advisory bodies on various levels of state administration, as well as steering committees which control the spending of EU funds.  Experts of Employers of Poland, some of the most distinguished specialists in their fields, publish extensive academic analyses, advise political decision makers and comment on everyday economic developments. Conferences organized by Employers of Poland – aside from distinguished panelists and guests – can boast a significant contribution to public debate and social consultations.