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Employers of Poland are the oldest and largest employers organization in Poland – established in 1989, they represent 19 000 companies with over 5 mln employees. A significant majority – 85 percent – are privately-owned.

The strength of Employers of Poland is based on arguments presented to political and economic decision makers, as well as in the number and diversity of its members: associations, federations and companies.

Employers of Poland work for the common interests of employers associated in member organizations – companies who often compete on the market, but who are well aware of the need to work together for the common good of employers and entrepreneurs.

Employers of Poland support all initiatives aimed at strengthening the position of Polish employers and cooperate with all employers’ and entrepreneurs’ organization for the benefit of the common interests of business.

Employers of Poland cooperate with social partners – employees’ organizations – in order to achieve mutual benefits resulting from economic growth, just and stable employment conditions, occupational safety and social peace.

Employers of Poland exert influence on state authorities at all levels so that the common interest of society, entrepreneurs and the government – the good of Poland – may be advanced and so that the voice of employers would be taken into consideration when making decisions about the future of our country.

Employers of Poland shape and promote the image of employers and entrepreneurs as the creators of domestic product and jobs, as well as contributors – through the growth of their companies – to the development of our country and the fulfillment of the individual aspirations of its citizens.