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Employers of Poland are a national, representative organization of employers, working in their interest and protecting their rights, acting on the basis of the Employers’ Organizations Act from May 23rd 1991 and the charter of Employers of Poland.

Associations of employers and entrepreneurs, federations and confederations of employers and entrepreneurs active in Poland, as well as employers and entrepreneurs operating country-wide or with an extraordinary economic position can become regular members of Employers of Poland.

Membership is voluntary and in no way restricts the independence of members’ actions.

Members of Employers of Poland are very diverse. Most of the 19 000 entities represented by the organizational are associated in regional or sector-specific employers’ organizations. Direct membership for companies of high importance and large scale of activity is an option since 2002.

Documents required to join:

  • membership declaration,
  • file from the National Court Register,
  • charter,
  • motion of the relevant statutory organ on joining Employers of Poland (if required by the charter),
  • information on the number of employees at the company – or, in the case of associations, federations etc, in member companies.



Magdalena Kitlas

Director of the Department of Relations

tel.: + 48 508 019 063

tel.: +48 22 518 87 08


Karolina Pachnik

Specialist in the Department of Relations

tel.: +48 22 518 87 29